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A Day in the Life… January 24, 2008

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What I persevered today:Waking up at 5:30 AM to my dog stepping on my testiclesGaining my senses to realize it was actually 6:00Skipping coffee to catch the 6:30 busSharing a seat with a man with obvious hygiene resource inequitiesShouting at the bus driver as he attempted to drive off with my Road Bike on the rackArriving at work. Period.Finding my first client wasn’t until 8 AM, and no one bothered to call me.Receiving none of the ice cream cake because I had a lunch meeting without food.Comparing my plight with that of Milton from “Office Space”Eating a mealy golden delicious apple insteadHaving a client that was just a special shade of crazyInspecting my Scott CR1 to find my rear tire at 75 PSIFreezing blisters on my hands because my CO2 trigger dethreadedAdmitting that as of this morning I weighed198 pounds naked as a jaybirdSeeing my ex-girlfriend cruise up beside me as I roll out of the office parking lotBut wait, there’s more!:Pedaling up to find the barriers up on the Blue Ridge ParkwayTime-trialing the 1100 feet to the gap in 22:30; not great, not badSeeing only two other pedal-pushers the entire timeNoting that both are Biowheels Racing TeammatesScreaming down Elk Mountain Scenic Highway faster than I should have with a flat tireAccomplishing this without careening off the side of the mountainLogging another 29 beautiful, solitary milesLiving to tell about it. So I amTime Trialing TM


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