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Hello world! July 7, 2007

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I am told I should be discussing commuting via the two wheeled rolling wonder, the bicycle.  Two months ago, when this little endeavor started, it would have been a struggle to say it was anything more than a joy.  My story of bike commuting is one of ease and leisure, save for the fact that my commute to work has easily 500 feet of climbing involved, though the hills be rolling.  My story of commuting is also one of dark mornings, seeing your breath in the summer time, afternoon showers, patchwork roads with narrow shoulders, brief stints of heavy traffic, the golf ball-swatting bourgeoisie, afternoons with my Ipod, and moments spent strutting around the office in spandex and reverse heels.  SeXy.I will tell you my story.  I am lazy.  Not lazy in the true American fashion, involving 3 hours of television per evening and endless supplies of Doritos, but more in the vein of more often than not taking the path of least resistance.  Waking up any earlier than I need to; washing dishes, drying them AND putting them away; finishing my workload AND leaving without having my desk look like a demilitarized zone are all examples of what I am seemingly incapable of doing without a gun to my head.  So, introduce gun to my situation.I sold my car.Now, that still leaves me access to a bus line, which does run by my office (at horribly inconvenient hours) and my girlfriend’s car (which seems to run less and less smoothly each time it is started!), but let us call these plan B, for BAAAAAD options in the grand scheme of things. So biking to work it is.  Did I mention I start my work day at 6:30 or 7 AM with my first patient?  Did I mention it is just under a 30 minute commute to the old office?  Did I mention it is awfully hard to peel my sorry ass out of warm bed out into the frigid air and start pedaling to the office at 5:30 in the morn?  Did I mention I’m lazy?But as with anything, you acclimate.  The receptionist doesn’t ask me if I’m crazy biking six miles to work anymore, or if I need help with the door in as I practice my trackstands.  Honestly, I get the best park space in the joint: inside the utility closet in the gym.  My clients may have to walk accross an entire parking lot, but I hop off my vehicle and am sitting at my desk in 10 steps or less.  Hot.


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